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At Preston, We Offer The Latest and Greatest in Mouthguards. Anyone Who Participates In A Sport That Carries A Risk Of Facial Injury Should Use A Mouthguard, including Skateboarding, Cycling And Scooter Riding.

All our mouthguards are custom made, using only the highest quality material moulded from the impression of each dentition. Whilst most generic mouthguards provide a standard level of protection, there are several common issues with over the counter products, such as discomfort and poor fit. Custom fit mouthguards offer a far superior protection and comfort over over the counter varieties. This allows you to perform at your peak without being concerned about fit, comfort, breathing difficulties and communication.
“Every year thousands of children are treated for dental injuries, which could have been prevented or the severity minimised, by wearing a protective mouthguard.” ADA

Single Layer

Single layer mouthguards offer genuine protection for low and medium impact sports. Minimal moulding required for younger mouths.

Double Layer

Double layer mouthguards are ideal for all high impact sports which require a professional level of protection. The design ensures speech and breathing remains unrestricted making these mouthguards great for athletes constantly on the go.ger mouths.

Professional Triple Layer

The incorporates advanced design features offering a professional level of protection and retention with triple layer coverage of the dentition. They are designed for serious athletes who require maximum protection.

Professional Bimaxillary

For those players that are looking for the highest level of protection, our bimaxillary mouthguards are built specifically for high intensity sports, such as MMA, boxing.
If you have any emergency or recent injuries that requires dental attention, call us. Alternatively, speak to one of our friendly staff about getting your mouthguard today.

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