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Give yourself the dream smile you deserve

Smile makeovers have taken over Melbourne. It is what everyone talks about on social media and blogs. It is not just one single dental procedure but rather a design of your profile and smile that you will love. Oneʼs smile is unique as well as your idea of a “perfect smile”. A smile that empowers you and can change the way you look or feel dramatically
What procedures are involved in a smile makeover?

At Preston, a smile makeover begins with a consultation. We want to make the time and opportunity to get to know you and areas of your concerns. In a judgment free environment, we find out what may be bothering you and address these issues and also what you find aesthetically appealing.

At this stage, you may also wish to find out what procedures may be involved and range of cost of treatments involved. You may have in mind what procedures may suit you or have gathered some thoughts through online research or seeing an image that you like. There are many ways to achieve your desired look and in some cases there may be more suitable treatment we will discuss with you then what you have in mind.
We can tailor your smile makeover in stages. Our friendly dentist will form an assessment or a treatment plan with you. We then can give you a more accurate quote on the services upfront. We believe transparency is the keystone in building a trusting relationship with our patients. Payment options are also available and one of our friendly team member will be happy to assist.
We understand dental fear and dental anxiety is real. There are many options such as gas and sleep dentistry that may help you relax or procedures can be done during your sleep.
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