Elements Of Cosmetic Dentistry And Smile Enhancement


Why choose Dentists of Preston for your teeth whitening in Preston? How does it differ from whitening service at beauty salon and DIY whitening treatments

At Dentists of Preston, we offer two different types of treatments- both treatments provide affordable and clinically proven effective teeth whitening in Preston within reach of your doorsteps. You can choose to have your treatment in chair or as a take home kit. Both options are very convenient and everything is provided to you from pre treatment cleaning to post treatment care under one roof.

For in chair whitening, we provide ZOOM whitening. ZOOM laser whitening is by far the most popular in chair whitening treatment. It is known to provide fast and reliable result and whitens up to 8 shades. The treatment at Dentists of Preston are performed by licence dentist and provide step by step care.
We will first sit down at your initial consultation and discuss with your what your desirable outcome may be and address any concerns. We usually recommend cleaning any calculus off your teeth if you havenʼt done so recently. This is because the calculus attached to your teeth may affect the result and provide an uneven shade. The total duration of treatment is one hour and your dentist will be checking regularly at 15 minute interval to ensure treatment is on track and your comfort throughout the laser procedure. Once treatment is complete, we provide you with aftercare instruction and how to best look after your teeth. It is unlikely you will experience any significant sensitivity but we have provided relief gels should you need them and thatʼs not the end of it. We are here for any questions after treatment should you have any concerns.

The reason why it is always best to have whitening treatment done at Dentists of Preston as oppose to beauty salon and use pharmacy products is because everything is done under dentist guidance who is expert in teeth. We not only provide whitening treatments but we are the people that know everything about teeth. You will find that teeth whitening is one item in cosmetically enhancing your teeth. There are however many aspects to your teeth that requires professional knowledge and precision in skills to guide you perfect your smile cosmetically. Only a dentist have the knowledge in depth on all aspects of your teeth and offer you a tailor option to your personal need.